Weiner Wisdom


Peter entered the private residence hosting the evening's sex club.  Next to the outdoor bar, a handsome Asian man was already in a rope body harness, elaborately raised half way to the ceiling so he swung freely from tethers looped over rafters.  The tethers were secured through strategic points in the harness at the ankles around combat boots, at the hips keeping company with a white jock strap and at the shoulders neighboring tribal tattoos.  His arms were bound behind his head, creating a convenient headrest.  Peter enjoyed the sight.

A blond man stood between the Asian's spread legs eyeing the developing bulge massaged by his own hand.  The man's own jockstrap was pulled down his muscular thighs and he was coaxing his own cock to an erection.  His dirty blond hair was nicely framing his 7" shaft and smooth balls that swung down another 4".  The blond man looked at Peter with clear light blue eyes, then slowly gazed down his hairy chest, athletic stomach framed by a leather vest, and down to his black leather chaps with a cod piece that kept his stirring cock at bay.  Peter gazed at the man's ass.  It was a nice, well-formed handful.  The blond man bent over giving Peter a perfect view of his hole, while he began to suck off his roped partner.

Peter couldn't resist and reached out to touch the curly blond hair on the man's ass.  The fingers of his right hand sliding down the man's crack.  He could feel the body heat and the man's sweat as he reached his hole.  With his fingers he began to rub the rim, brushing the fine hairs and spreading the sweat around.  The blond man's hole sucked in at his touch, then relaxed and opened a bit.  Peter rubbed the hole with small circular motions, then side to side in the hopes of opening it up a little more.  The man moaned with a mouth full of Asian cock and Peter slid his right hand down the taint to feel the smooth balls while leaving his right thumb over the man's hole bearing down with more pressure.  His left hand then slid around to the guy's cock evicting the owner's hand and grabbing the spongy shaft at the base.  He stroked forward to the large mushroom head and felt the tip.  Sticky juice coated his fingers, which he smeared around the head silently hoping that he would get a chance to taste it.

He slid his hand back down the shaft and grabbed balls and pulled a little.  The man's cock bounced up and down as he tugged.  Then Peter eased the tip of his right thumb into the hole.  The man arched his back, dropping the Asian's cock from his mouth to let out a moan.  Peter stroked the moaner's cock with his left hand and ran his right thumb around the inside of the rim of the hole feeling the round edges of the muscle he was trying to loosen.  He could feel it relaxing and contracting, drawing his thumb in more.  He pushed in a little further, flicked, and pulled out to rub the rim teasing him with what was to come.  Moaning and breathing heavily, the guy's cock surged to life becoming hard and curved.  Peter pushed his thumb all the way in and wiggled it around.  He fucked the guy's ass with this thumb; in and out, slow and fast.  He stroked the cock with the same rhythm as his thumb was pounding his ass, over and over in and out, slow then fast.

He pulled out in a twisting motion and switched to his index and middle finger.  Wet with sweat, Peter's fingers slid in to their base and stretched the hole a little more.   The man's hips started to buck back and forth wanting more of the pleasure in his fingers.  Peter knelt behind the man and slowly pulled his fingers out, watching the puckered skin try to grip his fingers and prevent them from leaving.  Letting go of the cock, Peter's left fingers met his right at the hole and he pulled and stretched the skin to force the man's ass to open more.  The hole was wet with sweat and lined with smooth tiny hairs and Peter leaned forward and placed his tongue directly on the anti-mouth.  He licked up and down and followed circles around the rim all the time continuing to stretch it open, rubbing the hard metal ball from his tongue piercing on the inner wall of the guy's ass.  The delicate skin was smooth on his tongue and the clean hole filled Peter's nose with musky sweat.  The little blond hairs tickled his nose and he tried to thrust his tongue deep into the man's body.  Again and again, each thrust trying to penetrate deeper, his piercing tugging on his tongue as the man's ass wanted to hold on to it.  Peter's own cock was hard, constrained in the now too small leather pouch of the jock.  He wanted to pull it out and stroke it, but his hands were busy.


He licked and thrust his tongue in and out of the blond man's ass.  Around the rim and up and down until his tongue needed rest.  He switched back to his fingers, letting his mouth slide down to the smooth bouncing balls.  Peter strained forward, opened his mouth and took both balls inside.  He ran his tongue over them, sucking and tugging on them.  His nose was lying directly over the man's hole wrestling in musky goodness.  Peter pulled is head to one side and thrust his left fingers back into the hole and heard him gasp.  Peter reached around with his left hand to grab the man's cock and stroked vigorously. He could only breath through his nose, which was made more difficult because his thrusting fingers, blocked his own airway when they were buried deep. The man's ass bucked and clamped down on Peter's fingers while his balls tightened and pulled out of Peter's mouth.  Almost immediately the ass puckered hard and pulled Peter's fingers in tight.  With one last buck of his hips, the blond man splashed hot liquid over Peter's left hand. Another splash, and another and Peter felt warm liquid running down his arm.  Peter's own cock erupted in his jock.  He could feel his warm juice spew against his balls and drain out the side and down his leg.

Peter stood up and brought his fingers to his mouth to smell the man's froth and taste his seed.  It was warm, salty, thick and smelled of manliness.  The blond man straightened up and turned around.  With a thick South African accent, he said "Thanks" and they exchanged a deep wet kiss.  The night was still young…

Did Peter Play Fair?

His encounter was Moderate to High Risk behavior for contracting an STD.  To his benefit, he looked before touching and touched before tasting.  This is important because several STD's have visual signs like rashes, and tactile signs like warts.  But many STDs do not show any visual or tactile signs and are still contagious.  How do you protect against Butt Muncher Disease?  In a situation like a sex club, or a sex party, it is common to have little or no conversation about sexual health.  In these cases try to look before you touch and try to touch before you taste.  If you see, feel or smell something suspicious, think about your level of risk.  Play fair, play smart, play safe.


STDs and the signs you see in yourself and in other people.

Crabs / Scabies

Your crotch itches like no tomorrow.  Heavy scratching causes a rash.

You can see very small brown crabs, complete with legs and claws that don’t taste good with butter.


You see a painless open sore on your genitals and can feel swollen lymph nodes.

You see an open sore on their genitals


"Mommy, it burns when I pee." Or "Daddy, my ass is leaking and it hurts."

You can see discharge from the penis or ass that isn't what your use to seeing discharging from the penis or ass.


It's painful to pee, or you have a drip problem that a plumber can't solve.

You might see a liquid discharge from the penis, unless it's been wiped away, then you're out of luck and blissfully unaware.


You see a small bump on or around your genitals that becomes a painful ulcer.

You probably won't notice a small bump, but you will notice a gray or yellowish-gray sore that bleeds easily when touched


You have a painful blister or sore on your love maker.  It's living in the Hotel California and can never leave.

Blisters and sores on or near the thing you're about to play with.

Hepatitus C

You might feel tired, have yellow eyes, a fever, dark urine, nausea, vomiting, etc.  There is a problem with your liver, and it's not from drinking…

You can't really tell in someone else, unless you want to ask them about their strange skin or eye color

Genital Warts

You see and feel a hard, cauliflower-looking bump on your genitals.   No broccoli or carrots can be found - they left a long time ago.


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Weiner Wisdom

Peter entered the private residence hosting the evening's sex club. Next to the outdoor bar, a handsome Asian man was already in a rope body harness, elaborately raised half way to the ceiling so he swung freely from tethers…
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